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What We Do

is a full service Construction Management and General Contracting firm specializing in interior renovations and tenant improvements.

Why Us

we draw on a vast wealth of expertise when undertaking any project.


Our expert teams go above and beyond to provide advanced solutions to material constraints, ensuring the most efficient transport of materials.


No matter what stage you’re at, we provide a full-service approach to your next construction project.

Simurgh Construction Facilities

The Simurgh extends beyond our employees to our clients. In every relationship, we seek to understand the challenges and offer nimble solutions – be it budget, schedule, or scope. We want them to feel comfortable with us, to trust us, and to know they can believe what we tell them.

That’s why every project gets our full attention when it comes to managing the safety and security of the site, the quality of our work, and our team’s ability to deliver on client expectations.

Whether it’s an iconic building that shapes one of our city’s skylines, a neighborhood school, a regional medical campus providing care to thousands, or a community facility that only impacts the neighbors and friends who use it every day, we want our work to stand the test of time with dignity and pride.

Just like any family, our name matters – it’s a statement of who we are and what you can expect when you interact with us. It’s the foundation on which we’ve built our reputation for over 70 years. And, it’s the promise on which we stake our future, one client at a time.

Our Services

Services we offer
Elevator Mechanic Apprentice

currently seeking enthusiastic applicants to join our growing team of Elevating Devices Mechanic Apprentices in the Kitchener and Mississauga office.

Construction Managers

Construction managers are responsible for the practical management and planning of every stage of a construction project. They ensure building projects are completed safely, within budget and on time

Architectural technologists

Relevant work experience is extremely valuable and will help you to understand how a design or architecture practice operates and how projects are handled.

Facility management

developing optimal facility maintenance approaches to meet specific operational and maintenance needs, and managing multi-year industry contracts.

Development planning

conducting land use planning, including identifying existing and intended property uses, creating real property development plans and engaging consultant support for specialized studies, such as market value analyses.

Project Management

No matter how straightforward or complex, every project has risks. When things get off track, it can be costly and disruptive for your business and your people


Ongoing project


Final project





Think Forward. Rise Above

As one of Canada's most respected employee-owned construction companies, simurgh construction stands at the forefront in delivering innovative, practical and sustainable solutions in the Industrial, Commercial, Institutional and Residential sectors. We think forward.

With 70-years experience in the construction industry, we are known for our steadfast commitments, solid relationships, and industrious work ethic. We are resolute in our promise to always deliver above and beyond. We rise above.


We believe integrity is synonymous with admitting that you always could’ve done better. Our employees take great pride in not only just doing what they’ve been asked to do, but in doing it right


We are committed to all aspects of our business: owners, trade partners, and our employees. We do everything we can to keep our clients happy, improve relationships with partners, and keep our employees busy.


We portray loyalty in almost everything we do. We are not only loyal stewards of our clients and partners, but we are loyal to Triangle Construction and the success of the communities we serve.

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Unit 950 - 609 West Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6B 4W4, CANADA

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